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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Nokia Smartphones Will Use Microsoft's Silverlight

Nokia plans to include Microsoft's Silverlight on its S60 software platform for smartphones running the Symbian OS, beginning later this year. Microsoft's cross-platform multimedia plug-in will eventually also be on Nokia's Series 40 devices and Internet Web tablets as well as devices running the Windows Mobile and Linux operating systems.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Open Source Yearbook — Panel at CeBIT Thu 6 March 2008

Next Thursday 6 March 2008 at 17:00-18:00 CET, there will be a panel on “The Commercialisation of Open Source” at the Future Talk Booth in Hall 9 (Stand A30) of the CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany. One of the purposes of the panel is to publish the Open Source Yearbook 2008, the fifth in a series of yearbooks produced by a team around Professor Lutterbeck of the Technical University of Berlin.

I’ll be one of the panelists, representing MySQL AB. Other panelists are from, Citrix, the Zope user group, and the Free Software Foundation.

For the book, I wrote a chapter called “Architecture of Participation: Taking part in Open Source at MySQL“. It describes our attempts at MySQL at increasing the level of participation by our community in the development of MySQL, which has traditionally been very centralistic in its development model.

If you read German and want to have some fun at the cost of other business models than that of MySQL AB, I recommend you to read the comment “Windows Closed Source Yearbook appears at CeBIT” on heise closed.

Links (all in German):

Lunch with Mayflower

Since well before I joined MySQL in 2001, I have had contact with now-members of the four-headed management team of Germany’s top-notch PHP experts and solution providers Mayflower GmbH.

Mayflowers and MySQLers frequently pop into each other at PHP conferences and other Open Source events, and meet informally under various circumstances ranging from Christmas parties to Biergarten discussions. It’s always interesting to exchange thoughts on virtual companies, Open Source, business models, IRC, scrum, and finding developers (some of which have worked for both MySQL and Mayflower, incidentally). And by sheer coincidence, Mayflower’s Munich headquarters is now about 150 metres from where I live, in the same street that I look out at from my home office (Mannhardtstr.). This time, they copied us, though — I arrived first and they became neighbours several months later …

So you can imagine that I was happy last Friday when I had asked Johann-Peter Hartmann to come to celebrate life under the Sun “with a colleague or two”, and he brought in all three other members of the Mayflower leadership quadruplet: Albrecht Günther, Björn Schotte and Gregor Streng. We had miso soup and sashimi, with hot sake and green tea, at Jin’s Heaven Takumi another 200 metres towards Isartor. Delicious food, good drinks (they wondered I hadn’t brought along salmiak vodka) and entertaining discussions.

Looking forward to more of the same with Mayflower over the years to come! is information about the internet scam known as "phishing"! Detect phishing attacks, how to prevent and avoid being scammed, how to react when you suspect or reveal a phishing attack and what you can do to help stop phishers. By following simple steps you can greatly reduce your risk of being phished!

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Imagine your self coming home from summer vacation, from abroad maybe? You might have used your VISA or MASTERCARD on several occasions. The following day you receive a mail from your personal bank claiming suspicious withdrawal from your banking account resulting in a suspension of the bank account for security reasons.

To reopen the account you are told by a phisher to follow a reactivating procedure which among other things includes giving out your personal banking account information to a online registration form on the banks website. Everything will look real! The banks URL in the address field of your browser will show the banks address, the logos on the web site will look authentic and the language will seem appropriate official and often intimidating to make you act immediately. Following the instructions, however, may make you a victim of internet phish fraud.

The phish industry has only just begun to develop. The safety company MessageLabs received 14 different phishing emails in 2003, while their phishing stat / stats in 2004 registered 290 016 attempts. With continued increase, this will become a ordinary problem on the internet in the future to come!

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